Hill House

0 Posted by - October 11, 2012 - Architecture, Australia, Urbanism

Melbourne, Australia is very open-minded to modernism, contemporary and bold architectural urban solutions.  For one family, they sought to tie those ideals with their family home.

Melbourne’s thin rations of land that preside over the northern suburbs posed constraints to solar access.  How do we capture sun in the winter and exclude it in the summer?  In the 90’s a two-story extension was added reducing the solar capacity but created a deep dark space in the living arrangements.

With great architectural twists the rear structure became the focus of the house. The AstroTurf-covered hill faces the original building.  The modern kitchen that lies beneath the green hill became the new hub of the home.  This is where the family and guests get together to socialize and dine.  Adjacent is the living and bedrooms, the backyard and the original house which now functions as “kids’ house” as well.

The new structure faces the sun; the pure cantilevered box above acts as the passive solar eave, cutting out summer sun, while letting winter sun flood in.  The Hill House proves that with minimal space, urban architecture and space can still find its relevance.